Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Youthful Marriage.

Dear friends in Christ,

It has now been almost two months since I have gotten married Angela, whom I love very much. These past two months, I have learned more about her than I think I have when we were dating and when we were engaged. I have learned also, a lot about myself these past two months.

One of the interesting things I noticed is that she has made me youthful, and I have made her youthful. We find that we are enjoying doing things that we did when we were younger. For example, just last week, I find quite the yearning to go to a pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin, and go on a hay ride. I haven't gone on a hay ride in probably at least 15 years, so to go on a hay ride is not my norm. But we went, and we both had a great time. We find that now that we are married, we have someone else to do everything else with.

On this trip, we also went through a corn maze. This corn maze wasn't very big, but it was a good size for us. It was fun. We raced each other through, and she beat me by about 10 seconds. I also took a wrong turn, but I also made a trail of my own, cutting through a thin patch of corn to another trail.

All of this was free. I say that because then we went to another, more commercialized pumpkin patch, where they charged admission. We just asked if we could walk around, and they allowed us to go in without admission. It was a kids thing, and they saw we didn't have any kids, so it was alright I guess. They had hay rides, a corn maze, and a lot of other things. One of the things they had was a corn cannon, where they put ears of corn in a cannon and launched it into a field towards a giant target. Something I liked was the duck races. There were these rubber duckies, and old red water pumps, with a PVC pipe track. The purpose was to get your duck to go down the PVC pipe to the small pool before the other guy with his duck. See, I feel like a kid.

Marriage should make you youthful; for me, it has done that, and I can't be happier because of it.

Going home to my wife is quite a nice thing, and even if I could, I would never go back to being single because I have found my fulfillment, at least an earthly fulfillment, in my wife Angela. I feel more complete with her, and I love her.

Cherish always your husband or wife; never take them for granted, and always love them. And tell them that you love them.

May you remain close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. God bless.

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