Friday, October 16, 2009

Abortionist Reflects on Dismembering One Baby While Feeling Her Own Flutter in Her Womb

A regular reader of LifeSiteNews, I often find articles that make me sad, precisely because of the assault to the moral fabric of our society. This one article I found is a reflection of a woman abortionist, and how when one day when she was performing an abortion on a second trimester child, she felt her own child in her womb start kicking. Click here to read the article..

There is a reality to abortion that many people don't realize. Abortions are happening in your community, in your neighborhoods, and in your hospitals, most likely. In a local town for me, called Media, PA, there is a planned parenthood about a block away from a Catholic Church with a Perpetual Adoration Chapel. I have been in this chapel for Holy Hours at different times since moving here, and I try to pray for the unborn, and for an end to abortion, especially at the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Media.

Some people look at abortion as an overwhelming thing to overcome, with the amount of abortions that happen in the United States and beyond. What people sometimes don't think about is the maxim: Think globally, act locally. If everybody acts locally against the local planned parenthood and other abortion mills, I pray that results will be seen in the closing of these establishments. Find your local abortion mill, and get active. Pray, and fast for the unborn and for those thinking of having an abortion. Pray, and fast.

May you remain close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. God bless.

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