Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Anglicans return to fold in Apostolic Constitution by Benedict XVI

The Vatican today announced the setting up of Anglican Dioceses in communion with Rome. This means a potential mass return of hundreds of thousands of Anglicans into the Catholic fold, while at the same time, the Anglicans can keep their liturgical traditions. Anglican ministers will be ordained Catholic priests, even if they are married. This is really big news (this might even eclipse Summorum Pontificum). There will be separate dioceses for this group, and they will not fall under jurisdiction of Catholic bishops overseeing the same area (like Oriental Churches in the United States, where they are separate and not under jurisdiction of the Roman Diocese or bishop).

Here is the article in more depth.

This is quite astonishing. It is very exciting news, and I am really interested in seeing what happens these next few weeks as this continues to unfold.

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