Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's do this

After having neglected this blog for about 15 months, one must ask, "why do I keep coming back, promising to write more, when in reality I am much too busy to actually do this blog?" I think the answer to this question is important: because I am not a quitter, and I refuse to go down without a fight.

Having said that, since the last time I had a post, my wife and I had to endure burying our first child who died in childbirth, only to be blessed six months later with the conception of our second child. Her name is Grace, and she is currently cooing away in her swing a few feet away. She will be nine weeks old on Monday! Also in that time period I finished a Master's Degree, started a new job (teaching full time), and moving to another state. Phew! I guess I can use the excuse that I have been busy.

Now that I have got that out in the open, this blog will be focusing on the things it has always focused on: the prevalence of the culture of death and how it is destroying our society from within, and how the culture of life is truly the culture of love.

Blogs like this (but not really mine) are important, especially now that Big media is in the pocket of Planned Parenthood and other culture of death establishments.

I will make it a resolution to write often on this blog.

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