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More Condoms can help fix climate change?

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More Condoms, Fewer Poor People in Developing Nations will Solve Climate Change: UNFPA

By Hilary White

LONDON, November 19, 2009 ( - The fight against "climate change" can be won with the distribution of more free condoms and decreases in population, especially in the developing areas of the world, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has said in a report.

"Women with access to reproductive health services ... have lower fertility rates that contribute to slower growth in greenhouse gas emissions."

While the UNFPA acknowledged it had no actual evidence of a connection between population increase and climate change, the report insists there is no doubt that "people cause climate change" through CO2 emissions.

"The linkages between population and climate change are in most cases complex and indirect." Nevertheless, the report said, "As the growth of population, economies and consumption outpaces the Earth's capacity to adjust, climate change could become much more extreme and conceivably catastrophic."

Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, the UNFPA's executive director, told a news conference in London that although the largest amount of CO2 emissions do not come from the developing world, the organisation would continue to focus its population control efforts there, saying that women and the poor will be the worst hit in the coming climatological disasters.

"Our impending climate disaster is perhaps the most inequitable threats of our time," the UNFPA's Richard Kollodge told journalists.

But not everyone is as convinced. A Times poll released last week showed that less than half the UK's population believes human activity is responsible for climate change.

The Times says that only 41 per cent accept as a scientific fact that global warming is taking place and is largely man-made. 32 per cent believe the link is unproven and 8 per cent said it is anti-human environmentalist propaganda. 15 per cent said they do not believe the world is warming.

In the run-up to the Copenhagen climate change summit set for next month, others are offering suggestions that do not involve artificial population control. The head of the US Forest Service, Tom Tidwell, pointed out that trees consume carbon dioxide and emit oxygen.

Tidwell told a Senate panel on Wednesday that his agency is trying to manage forests to combat climate change and that politicians might want to consider the benefits of planting more trees.

"It is time to manage the nation's forests to address climate change and unlock their potential," said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., the panel's chairman.

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So, let's get this straight: The UNFPA says that free condoms can be a weapon in the fight against global warming, yet they admit there is no studies to suggest a connection? I mean, he calls the links complex and indirect!

These organizations risk their work turning from scholarly to political, and in this case, that is exactly what has happened.

I did some research into the UNFPA, and I went onto their F&Qs page. Turns out, it seems one of their main goals as an organization is to promote contraception and family planning. Regarding abortion it says this on the Questions page:

"Does UNFPA promote abortion?

No. Guided by paragraph 8.25 of the Cairo Programme of Action, UNFPA does not support or promote abortion as a method of family planning. It accords the highest priority and support to voluntary family planning to prevent unwanted pregnancies so as to eliminate recourse to abortion. UNFPA supports governments to strengthen their national health systems to deal effectively with complications of unsafe abortions, thereby saving women’s lives (every year, an estimated 68,000 women die as the result of unsafe abortions)."

The last half of this statement is ambiguous. What does it mean to strengthen health systems to deal effectively with complications of unsafe abortions? This question also sidesteps the reality that of the 68,000 women who died, there were also 68,000 other victims: the unborn who are aborted. So really, we are talking about 136,000 victims in this case.

Problems abound with this organization, and the fact that not only are they politically driven, but they are money-hungry (there is more money involved in contraception than in abstinence, just as there is more money involved with abortion than with natural delivery and adoption).

I can actually go on and on about this organization and their fallacies, but it would take too long. Just know that morally, contraception doesn't have moral legs to stand on because it affects drastically the unitive and procreative aspects of sexual intercourse. The reasons that UNFPA put out in favor of contraception and family planning methods are all exterior to this argument, and they are bad arguments, at that. We must pray that the UNFPA realizes the error in their ways and take steps to back away from condom use and other family planning, including emergency contraception, which can act as an abortive treatment. We entrust the UNFPA to Mary Immaculate, that the example of Her Immaculate Heart may triumph in the end.

May you remain close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. God bless.

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