Friday, November 20, 2009

Disagreeing with Archbishops?

Dear friends,

Today is a sad day, as it will really be the first time I call out a Bishop on this blog regarding the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Archbishop John C. Nienstedt, the Archbishop of St. Paul-Minneapolis, wrote in his diocesan newspaper this.

Please read the article before continuing.

While I have a lot of respect for His Excellency, he is wrong in saying that the opposition to the CCHD campaign is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. If the bathwater is dirty enough, you have to rewash the baby. Reform is necessary for the CCHD, and until then, I must reiterate that our money as faithful Catholics can't go towards organizations that oppose Church teaching.

While the archbishop says that some groups have been defunded as a result of their radical stances, he is willing to concede to further reform, accepting status quo results.

I don't know if I have stated on this blog or not, but I am proud of the Bishops for standing up to Notre Dame earlier this year, and for their involvement in the health care bill. Are they not due for more reform internally if they want even more credibility? At the same time they don't want abortion in health care reform, they are unwilling to accept reform within their own organization to prevent money from going to pro-choice organizations.

Here is my theory why the bishops in general are supporting this, and for this purpose, it is a noble one: for the unity of the episcopacy. Unity among bishops is essential; if they start infighting, then it goes downhill. Despite this, the USCCB needs to honestly look at the CCHD and do an honest assessment of it; only then can reform be done. Right now, they are saving face, and trying to play down the controversy for the upcoming collection.

Again, I encourage you not to give to this Campaign for CCHD; I encourage you to give your money to Church organizations that are funded by the CCHD that promote the Gospel of Life, but not to CCHD, since we don't know where are money is going. The last thing I want is for my money to go towards promoting abortion or contraception.

God bless.

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