Monday, May 26, 2008


Well, this is my first post to my very first blog (at least in the past three years). I formerly used a Xanga site, but for different reasons, I stopped using that. I want to do two things in this post: tell you a little about myself, and tell you why I am creating this blog.

My name is Bobby. I grew up near Washington D.C. I am currently planning to move back there, to around the Northern Virginia area for work. I will spare you all the autobiographical stuff that isn't really that important for why I am creating this blog. I went to a small liberal arts Catholic college in northern Maryland called Mount St. Mary's College, and I graduated in 2005. I have a BA in history, and I also minored in theology. Despite me solely minoring in theology during my undergrad, this is where a passion of mine resides. I will relate my vocation story a little later in a different blog post, but to keep it short, I felt the call to become a Catholic priest, so I went into seminary right after college. I was sent back to the Mount, and I was there for three years. In another post, I will tell you why I left the seminary; what I will tell you now is that I love my Catholic faith even more with my time in seminary, and I recognize the priesthood as a true gift from God in every respect. This is where I am at now.

To the second point: Why am I starting this blog? I was in seminary for three years, and I have an insider's view as to what seminary is. There may be a lot of misconceptions out there about what a seminary is, and what the men in the seminary are like. I would like to use this blog to paint a picture for you readers as to what really goes on in the seminary. I also am using this as a way to encourage and spread devotion to the Virgin Mary, and to dispel misconceptions people may have about the teachings of the Catholic Church. I pray that this blog will prove useful to someone out there. Even if it only helps one person, this blog will not be futile.

I look forward to future blogs. I hope to post a new blog once a week or so. Please pray that this works.

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